kill single user connection/prevent login

Barry Smoke barry at
Tue Nov 13 07:45:04 GMT 2001

I am the network administrator for a k-12 school district.  We have a
program called Accelerated Reader.  That program works great on samba.  
Every now and then, we are required to do database maintenance on the AR
database.  With novell, we could kill connections to the server on an
individual basis, and then prevent them from loggin in.  Does samba have
the ability to do either of these?  We would like to keep the database
admin logged in, but lock everyone else out.

Could this be done with a smb.conf file that is moved into place

When you kill process id's of samba connections, aren't they allowed to
connect back?

Any help on duplicating our novell behavior for this program would be

Barry Smoke

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