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On NT TSE you need to set a registry setting called 'multiple users on connection'. This gives every user it's own daemon despite of being on the same machine. The samba source comes with a .reg file to do that. Please take a close look at the
I am not sure if this information is in the samba rpm packages.

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I'm running a NT4.0 Terminal Server with 50+  peopleon it.  All the users' home directories / data etc. is located on a  samba server (2.2.1a) on a RedHat7.1 box.

All the users on the server are shown in samba  under the same connection as they're all on the same machine... this means samba  only runs one copy of smb for all these users.

Everything seems to be working / set up fine but  about twice a day the smb process associated with the terminal server jumps to  100% cpu usage and stops accepting connections.  When I kill this process /  restart samba everything returns to normal but
the users then report all kinds  of funny "corruption", locking errors etc. on the files that were in  use.

Has anybody else tried to use samba in conjunction  with terminal server?  Is there a way to change smb so it rather spawns one  copy per "user" in stead of per "machine"?  Am I missing the point  completely?

The server is a Intel P3, 1Ghz, 512Mb RAM, SCSI  Disks.  The hardware seems fine. I'm using linux kernel version  2.4.2.

Any help would be highly appreciated. This is  starting to make me look like a tit as I boasted that the samba server would run  much more stable than NT and this is now not the case.  Before I was  running NT4.0 on a P2,350Mhz, 128Mb RAM and IDE disks
for the same users and had  no such problems.

Any Ideas?

andre1 at vippayroll.co.za

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