Help : samba and Solaris

Nasır Yılmaz (ATM/Network Grp. Bşk. Sistem Mühendisi) nyilmaz at
Mon Nov 12 22:42:03 GMT 2001

Just Now I Have Alpha2100 Processors I Don't Know I Have To Use Alpha
Versions Or Simple Latest Versions Enough For Me Or
Whats Diffrences Between Alpha And Simple Versions ?   My Os Versons Is
Tru64 5.1 Can I Install It

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To my knowledge, Samba 2.2.x supports Tru64 UNIX . . .
don't have an Alpha box to test it out on (yet).

<nyilmaz at> wrote:
> Can anybody say me samba 2.2.x supports tru64unix
> 5.1 ?

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