Printer question: Generic postscript from windows

Joel Hammer Joel at
Mon Nov 12 17:56:01 GMT 2001

I have a lexmark Z53 attached to a linux samba server. My native windows
clients and my linux clients (thanks to linux support from lexmark) can
print to it with no problem.
However, when I use windows over win4lin, the drivers don't install. They
always fail with a spool32 error.
This happens with the lexmark z32 also.
I have no trouble installing other printers from the large list that comes
with windows98. These can be be used to print to a file without trouble.
Want I would like to do is get generic postscript output from some printer
driver, and send that to a file. Then, using lpr, I could just print it as a
usual linux postscript file (I assume I'll be able to remove all those OD's
without trouble with sed.) I know enuf about bash and LPRng to set this up.
SO, the question, which printer driver that comes with windows98 would give
generic postscript output or what needs to be stripped from a specific
printer postscript file to make it generic?

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