Determine available disk space for Win 95

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If memory serves me correctly then this 2gig issue is a windows 95
limitation, the same problem used to show when you installed an
application, it would report the available disk space as being 2gig when
there was more available.

Microsoft never issued a fix for the problem as it was never seen as a
'bug' I don't think it was fixed until windows 98 but I could be wrong.

Seri Al-Najjar

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I have a mixture of Win95 and Win98 computers.  From the Samba host I
the Win95/98 host using  a script containing commands similar to the 
following text.

mount -t smbfs //pent14/pent14-e /dosworld/pent14/e -o

After I have mounted all the drives I issue the following command.

df -h

Results show the available space on the Win98 hosts properly,  however
the Win95  hosts(ie pent14) report that their disk size as 2G even
that have capacities greater that 2G.

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use%   Mounted on
/dev/hda1              2.9G   1.1G  1.7G  40%   /
/dev/hdb1              5.6G   20k    5.3G   0%   /disk2
//pent14/pent14-e   2.0G     0     2.0G     0% /dosworld/pent14/e
//pent20/pent20-c   38G   31G    7.2G   81% /dosworld/pent20/c

Any suggestion on how to track disk size and available space on Win 95


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