samba problems

Barker, Brian W. BRIAN.W.BARKER at
Mon Nov 12 10:46:46 GMT 2001

The response: The account is not authorized to login from this station
Is what I was getting on my Win2K machine. This group suggested that I

encrypt passwords = yes

to my smb.conf file, also run 'smbpasswd' on the Samba machine.,
(see the smbpasswd man page)

Then your user connecting from NT must have the same name and password
as he/she has on the Samba machine.

It worked for me!

Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to get it to work from
both Win2k AND Win95 at the same time.

Brian W. Barker
Rosslyn, VA

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Subject: samba problems

Hi all!

I just installed Samba and am trying to get a NT pc to connect. Being new to
this application and wondering if anyone can help!

at the pc I enter:
		  net use x: \\server\tmp
	--> response:   The password is invalid for \\server\tmp
		Type the password for \\system\tmp: xxxx
	--> response:   System error 1240 has occurred.

	--> response:  The account is not authorized to login from this

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

john dziegiel

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