Samba Feature Usage: Does anybody use these options? Can we kill them?

Eric Wallace Eric.Wallace at
Mon Nov 12 10:13:02 GMT 2001

> guest account as a share level parameter.
> In an attempt to reduce code paths and simplify code, this parameter has
> become a global.  As far as I can tell, it only ever worked as a per
> service parameter when security=share, and most of these cases can be
> sorted with appropriate application of 'force user = '.

As this doesn't work with Samba 2.2.2 and "security = user|domain" (only the Global-level "guest account" configuration takes effect), it's definitely a bother to have it as a broken option in the config, so I'd vote to leave it out.

However, I would really love it if the feature actually worked as advertised, as I have rather varied but specific permission restrictions on shares running from the same Samba server, one of which should use "guest account" but not "force user".

	~eric w. wallace
	 national semiconductor/maine
	 i.s. infrastructure senior system engineer

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