Patch for events like "On Create", "On Modify"...

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Sat Nov 10 14:12:02 GMT 2001

I'm not a windows guy, so tell me to shut up if you want

.. you're saying that deleting a file with unlink en then immediately
opening doesn't always fail in windows?

.. anyway it's not a problem here because all of the fs operations go
through samba, so samba can make the network call block, even if the specs
say it shouldn't :)

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> I am a windows guy, so tell me to shut up if you want.
> Under Windows, the recycle bin is driven by the shell (explorer.exe).
> This means that when you delete a file, explorer simply renames the file
> to the recycle bin location, updates an index and returns. No file
> system delete type calls are sent.
> >From an application, using DeleteFile() (unlink() for the linies),
> sending a delete request does actually delete the file and does not move
> it into the recycle bin.
> This is also an async process. There is no blocking to wait for the
> operation to complete or return. It is simply an event. Using this
> method, under windows, to scan for a virus will not work. Since this
> mechanism is event driver, you can not block the FSD request to wait for
> the scan to complete. It must be done in a kernel-leve file system
> filter driver so that you can control the synchronicity of the scan
> operation.
> Maybe under Linux, this event mechanism is different, but, if it is not,
> is will be possible for users to open the file, execute the virus before
> the event receiver has had the opportunity to scan the file for a virus.
> Jamey
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> On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 03:21:17PM -0200, Daniel William Schultz wrote:
> > Why don't create one patch for "On Create/Modify" event ? We could use
> > it for checking viruses "on the fly", dont you think ?
> I haven't tried this module so I can't personally vouch for its function
> (I can't even say if it compiles with the current release of samba), but
> if you do a web search on "samba-fu" you should find a few references to
> samba-fu 0.1. This is a VFS module that pretty much does what you're
> looking for - it allows you to specify an arbitrary command to be run on
> the successful completion of a number of actions.
> If you need a delaying action for your boss you might point out that on
> a busy server scanning every file will generate a great deal of overhead
> and may slow it down unacceptably. While I'm very much in favor of doing
> virus scans of Samba shares, an automatic nightly full scan plus the
> occasional manual scan if you have a virus outbreak might be a better
> policy. That combined with a well-thought-out antivirus policy on the
> desktop side should take care of most of your problems.
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> Michael Heironimus
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