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Roleigh Martin roleigh at
Sat Nov 10 08:45:07 GMT 2001

Thanks for the additional advice Joel.  I have gotten Samba to
work now, I'm going to use much of your advice.

Two questions though:

I assume that having this line allows everyone behind my firewall
at home in to the system (along with your other lines) and that
even though these ip addresses exist behind everybody's firewall
that nobody can come into my samba server masquerated as such -
in other words -- only people in my house can come in with an
ip address of below, correct?

hosts allow = 192.168.1. 127.

also, when you talk about nimda, you're talking about protection
from someone in my house who inadvertently caught the nimda bug,
correct?  (I take this advice seriously, I opened up my port 80
for 20 minutes once and got flooded with code red, so I shut it
down to the internet at that point although my apache server was
not vulnerable to it, it was quickly filling up my error log

p.s.  what's an easy way like you've shown already to allow my
linux samba host to see the directories on my samba win98 clients?

thanks again

Roleigh Martin

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