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Roleigh Martin roleigh at
Fri Nov 9 20:39:02 GMT 2001


This is a nice setup, I've been having problems with passwords too
even though I did the samba password thing -- I think my problems
are that I took the option with Redhat Linux 7.1 Pro Server install
to do password shadowing and MD5 passwords.  I think that has caused
me a lot of problems.  I don't need any security on my samba network
except to freeze out anything beyond the Linksys firewall (cable
router/firewall).  I have a 4 user PC network in my home so all
stations are personal family members.  Is there a way to modify the
below script so that only those hardwardwire-connected to the local
ethernet lan have access?

Yes, I'm just learning the ropes on sysadmin Linux (although I've been
an AIX programmer for over 10 years but never had root authority until
I got my Linux machine a month ago).


Roleigh Martin

At 09:40 PM 11/9/01, you wrote:
>You don't really have to use !!!!! to get help. There is nothing to panic
>Likely, you are a new user of linux. Likely, you don't know anything about
>permissions and the like, so, I would try the following:
>Make up a simple smb.conf, which doesn't involve passwords:
>Here is what I do for mine:
>         netbios name = JHAMMER6
>         server string = Samba %v Your Server
>         security = SHARE
>         guest account = ftp
>         read only = No
>         guest ok = Yes
>         comment = Root directory
>         path = /
>         create mask = 0766
>I think this will let anyone log on to your samba server as a user called
>ftp has few privileges on your machine. You could make the guest account
>some regular user name, just to try things out.
>Anyway, you could make the path = some directory like /SambaShares and
>chmod 777 /SambaShares (make sure /SambaShares exists).
>That should allow everyone to read, write, execute, etc. off the drive.
>Naturally, you will want to arrange things to be more secure in the future.

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