Samba without NetBIOS

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Nov 9 19:22:05 GMT 2001

Jim Watt wrote:
> --On 11/06/2001 10:19 PM +1100 Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> } Just run it on port 445.  (inetd will do the job for you).  You might
> } want to run 2.2.2 for some small fixups, but I think that samba actually
> } worked with this all along (we just didn't notice :-).
> If smbd is run as a daemon, is there a way to coerce it into listening
> on *both* 445 and 139?

Not at present.  But nothing stops you running smbd -D on 139 and smbd
via inetd on 445.

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