same user but different passwords

Florian Effenberger floeff at
Fri Nov 9 11:59:11 GMT 2001


I want to run Samba for my Win9x/Me clients. These clients all have a
static logon name, which is the machine name, e.g. lab01, lab02, and
so on.

Now I want to have the following: I want to protect different Samba
shares with different passwords, accessible from any computer, just
like the normal Windows share does.

Example: I share \\samba\sounds and \\samba\images

To access the first one, the password 123 should be used, to access
the latter one, 456 should be used.

Any username from our network should work (so NO checks for
usernames!), so mapped lab01 and lab02 ... to the right Unix user.

But: how can I set different passwords for those shares? Any

Thanks a lot,

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