Creating machine trust account for NT

Jay Ts jay at
Fri Nov 9 10:42:19 GMT 2001

Do you have root listed in the 'domain admin group'?  Like this:

	domain admin group = root

- Jay Ts

> I've been trying to add a NT machine to a samba controlled domain following 
> the instructions listed in the HOWTO collection.
> When I try to add the machine, I get following error:
> "Unable to add or change accounts on the domain. The account information 
> entered does not grant sufficient privilege to create or change account".
> I'm logged in as administrator at the NT machine and I create the machine 
> account using the root account in smbpasswd.
> If I give a wrong password I get the message: "Unable to connect to the 
> domain controller for this domain. Either the user name or password entered 
> is incorrect".
> Has anybody else encountered this problem?
> Kind regards,
> Werner Maes
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