winbind: can't join DOMAIN with smbpasswd

Ward... James Ward jward at
Fri Nov 9 10:28:03 GMT 2001

Okay, let me give you all the information I can, just to make sure
we're not overlooking something totally obvious.

The PDC is NT 4.0 service pack 6a.  The samba machine is RedHat 7.2
running samba 2.2.2.  Clients can see shares, print, at present.

I am trying to follow the instructions for getting winbind to work and
am at the step:

smbpasswd -j DOMAIN -r PDC -U Administrator

which gives me:

[root at NetServer samba]# smbpasswd -j BIO2RES -r DOMAIN-CONTROL -U Administrator
Error connecting to DOMAIN-CONTROL
Unable to join domain BIO2RES.

This is after:

1 removing the samba server from the BIO2RES domain Server Manager
2 stopping smbd, nmbd and winbind

I'm leaving the samba server removed from the domain now to see if it
actually does vanish from the Server Manager list.  It is NOT greyed
out as far as I can tell.  Trying to remove it a second time gives a
dialogue saying that it's really gone and should disappear in the next
fifteen minutes.

Oh, and my NT experience is practically zero and I am a Unix veteran.

Thanks in advance,


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