Winbind & NT SP5

Mello, Luiz MelloL at
Fri Nov 9 09:50:29 GMT 2001

Sorry to bother, but I posted this before with no responses.

I am having several problems getting samba compiled with winbind to join a
NT4 domain.
Using smbpasswd I get the error cli_pipe:return critical error. error code
was 0 and Unable to join domain DOM. On the PDC I get a Dr. Watson error
C0000037, not even the administrator password is accepted on the console,
and all clients connected to the PDC get a bad pipe error when connecting to

My question is does anybody have winbind talking with a NT4 PDC running SP
5, or do I have to upgrade NT to SP 6a? 
If I do need 6a could you point me to some docs containing what was fixed
with 6a? I've looked at MS knowledge base with no luck.

Thanks a bunch!

Luiz-Robertto Mello

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