samba PDC with NIS, or other solution?

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at
Fri Nov 9 08:41:09 GMT 2001


thanks much for your advice. it is very good.

as far as putting samba PDC on AIX, we want to avoid that. short answer is
we found a solution to our ethershare/mac/aix problem. so now we are
hoping to phase out AIX in our network, and replace it with linux.

so here's our plan: a samba 2.2.2 PDC also acting as the NIS master. i
think i can do it in a few days, piece of cake. but there is still just
one problem:

im still unclear as to how, or if, i can get the current /etc/passwd file
from the current NIS master onto the new samba PDC (which will become
the new NIS master). in one of your emails you mentioned something about a
script that comes with the samba source that will create the smbpasswd
from disabled accounts. what is this script called? is there an man/docs
on it? will this script take an /etc/passwd file from an NIS master an
create a smbpasswd file from it? that seems too good to be true...

if you have already explain this to me and i just didnt get it, i

thanks again,

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On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Christian Barth wrote:

> alex,
> please mail to the list as well: There are a couple of helpfull 
> people out there. (OK, forgot it may self with my first repley)
> > is it possible to have the samba PDC be a NIS slave that syncs with an
> > remote NIS master?
> The samba pdc can be on the nis slave, but you may get problems with 
> the password sync. The reason for this is: If root changes a user 
> passwort on the nis slave with yppasswd the old password is needed in 
> clear text. But, when running with encrypted passwords, you don't get 
> the old password in clear text. If you run samba on a nis slave and 
> you want to keep the passwords in sync you need a lot of tricks, may 
> be rsync of files or so.
> > i ask because we have nis master on an AIX machine that
> > runs ethershare (for our macs) and to transfer the ethershare license to
> > the linux samba PDC would cost a bundle of money. we'd like the samba PDC
> > and NIS master to be different machines. is this scenareo possible as
> > well?
> Wy not run the samba pdc on the aix machine? The pdc has to do only 
> authentisation, no file shareing ecxept of [netlogon]. All file / 
> print sharing (including profiles) can be done on the linux box that 
> uses securtiy = server or security = domain in smb.conf. The 
> additional load on the aix machine should be very small.
> > writing the scripts to sync the /etc/passwd and private/smbpasswd files is
> > a little tricky for me. could you possibly send me some code or point me
> > in a direction?
> password sync is done within samba, see "passwd chat", "passwd 
> program" and "unix passwd sync" in my smb.conf. To add the useres to 
> /etc/passwd and private/smbpasswd i have just put useradd and 
> smbpasswd -a into a small skript. I delete them by hand because we 
> only have about 30 useres.
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