FW: Samba on Win2K

Barker, Brian W. BRIAN.W.BARKER at saic.com
Fri Nov 9 06:56:04 GMT 2001

After I made the following changes to get my Win2k machine to be
able to mount my Unix disk, now my Win95 machine is not able to
mount the Unix disk (using 'map network drive'). It asks me for
a password but says the password is invalid, it is the same password
that is used on the Win95 and Unix machines... help

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> Success on Win2k --
> Someone made the suggestion that I set 'encrypt passwords = yes'
> in my smb.conf on my Solaris machine, and then run
> smbpasswd -a "username" where "username" is my Solaris-Unix
> login name, along with the same password. When I go to my Win2k
> machine and try and map a network drive, as that same username
> and password, it all works! Magical.
> (also stopped and started my smbd and nmbd on the Unix machine)
> Brian
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> Subject:	Samba on Win2K
> Hello - I have a simple LAN with a Solaris server, one WIN95 machine
> and one WIN2K machine. I want to share a Solaris disk with the 2
> PCs. Samba is running fine on Solaris, I can see the disk from my
> WIN95 machine and can access and modify files on it. My simple
> smb.conf on the Solaris machine is:
> [global]
> workgroup = MYGROUP
> [datah]
> path = /data/h
> writeable = yes
> All Solaris diagnostics look ok. When I go to my WIN2K machine,
> and try and 'map a network drive (\\dobbs\datah) where dobbs is the
> Solaris machine, I get the error message:
> Attempting to connect to ...
> "The account is not authorized to log in from this station"
> On my WIN2K my workgroup is MYGROUP and my login name and
> password are the same as they are on the Solaris machine.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks.
> (PS: my WIN2K can see dobbs, I can 'ping dobbs' and telnet and ftp to it.)
> Brian Barker
> Rosslyn, VA

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