Open Files

Fri Nov 9 05:17:05 GMT 2001

I have been messing with this and it seems to work, but I would like to hear
if it does or not from the people that have created it.

On a WindowsNT machine I have three directories shared out READONLY.  These
three directories are mapped to users machines and then they run programs
out of them.  There are ALWAYS people using files in here.  At times I have
to update the programs in there and I need to overwrite the files that are
in there.  Now on this windowsNT machine I cannot seem to do that without
killing all of the connections and doing it because they are locked due to
people using them.

Same situation but with SAMBA on a linux machine this time.  I have tried a
few times and it seems to have no problem overwriting the copies that are on
disk while people are still using them (at one point I actually deleted all
of the files in there and it didn't complain).  Is it true that SAMBA will
allow this or have I just been lucky so far?

Brent Norris

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