"NT-PDC" and "Some Linux-Clients using NIS"...

Markus Amersdorfer markus.amersdorfer at aon.at
Fri Nov 9 02:44:02 GMT 2001

Hi everybody!

I'm planning on realising the following situation:
We have a NT-PDC and some Windows-Clients. As Linux becomes more popular
and more important in our net, we'd like to use the PDC's user-database
for "logon-authentications" on the linux-computers too. Planned are some
linux workstations and at least one server.

My idea so far is to have the linux clients authenticate against a
linux-NIS-server. This NIS-server shall contact the NT-PDC whether
user/password is correct or not. To do this, the NIS-server will use the

- Is this scenario possible the way I just mentioned?
- What happens to users not even stated in linux-client's or
nis-server's /etc/passwd? (Is the option "nolocal" here the correct way
of getting it to work?)
- Is there a better way than this scenario? (e.g. can winbind help me in
some way here?)

Thx a lot for any ideas, links or other help ... :)

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