Smaba Logon Server

spiekey spiekey at
Fri Nov 9 00:15:02 GMT 2001

I am pretty new with samba and the samba logon feature.
I tried to find my infos i need in the smb documentation and in goggle, but
to be honest, i am not sure what i am looking for.
I want to use %u so that the usernames Name appears as command in the WinNT

As i undersood it so far i have to create a logon script for NT. Like that.

rem net use N: /delete /yes
rem net use P: /delete /yes
rem net use Q: /delete /yes
net use N: \\Server\sun /Persistent:NO
net use P: \\SERVER\Apps /Persistent:NO
net use Q: \\SERVER\Hardware /Persistent:NO
net time /domain:Sun_2 /set /y

I do not want to be a domain server.
What i did next was to create a local user, did a smbpasswd username.

what next?


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