Samba 2.2, locking, databases

Jason Boerner JasonB at Computer.Org
Thu Nov 8 21:32:04 GMT 2001

I am responding to your post, listed below.  I am having the same problem with GoldMine which I believe
is written in much the same way as most clipper based applications.

Did you ever resolve the issue?  I just posted to the newsgroup but did not hear back yet.  I pormise to
post a summary should an answer show up.

I'm running 2.2.1a and will soon move to 2.2.2 to avoid oplock problem.

Thank You

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Subject:  Samba 2.2, locking, databases
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Date:     2001-08-20 15:11:44 <>
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I encountered a problem with $subj. I browsed through the archive of this list
and many others lists and I found many similar questions/problems but NO

The problem: I use an application written in Clipper (DOS) which uses database
and index files located on a samba share. When multiple users launch the app, a
strange error occurs, probably caused by bad file locking. The first one who
opens the database has no problems, but the other ones seem to be unable to open
the same database. The first client uses locking, but rarely on the whole
database, mainly only a few records are locked.

I tried many options in smb.conf, none helped. I don't want to fake oplocks as I
fear data corruption.

Anyone who can help? Any suggestions on how to test/verify this?



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