popup messages

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Thu Nov 8 18:07:02 GMT 2001

I don't see any easy way to send pop up messages to all clients from linux
with smbclient -M.
If you have a win server, say your linux box,
smbclient -L winserver -N will list them all. You will then need to make a script to
extract the machines names, I fear. That can be a real pain.
Of course, if you have a list of all machines on your network, you could
just use that list, rather than mess around with extracting them from
smbclient -L winserver.
If you have a list of machine names in a file, ListOfNames, this might work:
while read i; do cat YourMessageFile | smbclient -M $i;done < ListOfNames
The good thing is you can customize it.
smbstatus will list only those currently logged in, for example.
smbstatus 2>/dev/null | cut -c40-70 | grep \( | sed 's/ .*//' | sort -u 
This will get the current logged on machines. Naturally, any self respecting
linux scripter would pipe this output into the read command above!
There must be a better way.
> want to broadcast messages to all client then what command should i
> use? currently i m using smbclient -M {hostname}.

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