Question regard an IPC$ error with Windows 98 Clients.

David M . Stowell dmstowell at
Thu Nov 8 15:20:26 GMT 2001

On 2001.11.08 17:13 Bill Seay wrote:
> Then I logged into the Windows 98 PC with the same username/password
> combination.  I could browse the network neighborhood and see the
> machine, but as soon as I double clicked on it, it pops up dialog box
> that says the following:
> You must supply a password to make this connection.
> Resource:	\\LINUX\IPC$
> Password:	________________________________
> Unfortunately, I have tried every password that I entered into the
> system, but it just will not play nicely.

Short form - Windows 98 is sending encrypted passwords and Samba is using 

Fix: either -

a) switch Samba to encrypted passwords. Better security and easier to deal 
with when you have lots of clients, or

b) switch Windows boxes to cleartext, using a registry key change. Not a 
good solution unless you have a totally isolated, small network.

Hope that helps,


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