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Richard Gregorio rgrego at
Thu Nov 8 13:45:04 GMT 2001

The printer is connected to the win2k server.
I print from linux, any app, and get three copies. 

I tried Netscape, Konqueror, StarOffice, all with the same results.

I set up the printer using printtool, told the machine that it was a samba

I would send copies of the smb.conf and printcap, but I am at work. I can
post them when I get

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Joel Hammer wrote:

> Please provide more information.
> Does this problem occur printing directly from linux?
> Does this happen with just one or with all application?
> If just with samba, please post your smb.conf.
> If with all printing, post your printcap.
> Joel
> On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 04:09:50PM -0500, Richard Gregorio wrote:
> > Using Red Hat 7.1 (although it has been happening since 6.2)
> > The samba that came with RH7.1
> > Win2K server (although same problem with NT4)
> > HP Laserjet IIP
> > 
> > Whenever I print, I get three copies.
> > 

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