Please help with winbind setup

David Brodbeck DavidB at
Thu Nov 8 12:52:03 GMT 2001

You can use the regular UNIX permission commands; they'll happily treat
winbind user and group names like any others, though you may have to quote
them if they contain spaces.  For example, if I'm sharing a folder called
/export/stuff, and want only members of the domain administrators group to
be able to write it, but anyone to read it, I can do something like this:

chmod 775 /export/stuff
chown :"DOMAIN+Domain Admins" /export/stuff

The only difficulty with this is that the column widths for the ls -l
command are just too narrow to read the ownership information when using
this notation.  I haven't found a good way around that yet.  (Though in my
case I'm using ACLs, so I can always go a 'getfacl' on the file or directory
and find out that way.)

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Done.  I removed the samba server from the domain using
Server manager (is there a way to remove the machine
using smbpasswd?) and re-added it to the domain using
smbpasswd.  Now i can see all my shares and access the
ones that have no particular permissions set!!!  Thanks
a million.

My only question left is how do i set permissions for
the shares i create when using winbind?  I used to use
the valid users command and smbpasswd to create
encrypted passwords.  A fairly simple system but one
that worked well for me.  But that method doesn't
appear to work when using winbind.  How do i grant or
deny access to my shares on a user or group basis now?

Thanks again,

David Brodbeck wrote:
> That means you aren't properly joined to the domain.  Try removing the
> server's account on the PDC (with NT's server manager), re-creating it,
> joining again. (See the -j option in the smbpasswd manpage.)  Make sure
> smbd and nmbd are *not* running when you do this, or it won't work.

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