Please help with winbind setup

David Brodbeck DavidB at
Thu Nov 8 11:03:05 GMT 2001

I'm sorry, that's matter what the "domain seperator" is set to in
winbind's configuration, you always use \ under Windows.  I forgot about
that.  The + seperator only applies on the UNIX side.

It looks to me like the Samba machine is not properly joined to the
MPCFDOMAIN domain.  What I can't figure out is that if that's true, it seems
to me that 'getent passwd' shouldn't work either (or rather, should return
only local users.)  Maybe someone on the list has an idea.

Does 'wbinfo -t' return 'Secret is good'?

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I have tried specifying the login name as
TESTDOM+larry, and it still does not work.  WinXP will
not even let you try it with a "+" as a separator.  It
just keeps saying the correct syntax is "TESTDOM\larry"
(what a PITA).  I've tried it from WIn2K and NT 4.0
boxes too with no success.  When i type in just
administrator or TESTDOM\administrator, it thinks for a
moment then spits the username:password prompt back at
me with no extra messages.  When i try with
TESTDOM+administrator from a Win2K, WinNT or WinXP box
all three say that the specified username is invalid.

I checked the log.ntserver (my PDC and test client for
now) since i bumped up the log level one notch and now
i am getting some error messages.  I have attached the
log file to this message.  It says something to the
effect that it could not fetch trust account password
for the MPCFDOMAIN (my real domain name).  The it
appears to try the more traditional authentication

Thanks for the help,

David Brodbeck wrote:
> Hmm...that's interesting.  Are you seeing any error messages at all when
> attempt to log in?  You should be able to get something, though it may
> increasing the logging level a bit to see it.  Also, if you have seperate
> logs for each machine, it may be turning up there instead of in the main
> logfile.
> Have you tried manually specifying the domain?  You shouldn't have to, if
> both machines are joined to the same domain, but you might want to try it
> just to be sure.  For example, if your domain seperator is +, try
> "DOMAIN+joe" at the username prompt instead of just "joe".

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