Win XP home

Jack Malone jmalone at
Thu Nov 8 10:50:06 GMT 2001

 From what I have read the networking stuff in win xp home is limited an 
the settings are hidden, I gathered that to get on corporate networks you 
needed the pro version. I have not had any dealings myself with xp yet. 
have a copy coming in this afternoon an plan to put it on my station at 
home, but i orded the pro version after reading what I did about the home 
version, from a few tech sites on the net.

At 08:19 AM 11/8/2001 -0900, Mike Barsalou wrote:
>Are there special issues when using XP home with Samba?
>I have a machine that when trying to log in as the user Mike, the logs show
>that it is trying to login in as Mike Barsalou.
>I tried making another user mbarsalou but I can't get it to authenticate
>I was thinking it was a feature of XP home.
>Anyone have ideas?
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