smdb warp-around after 4 GB

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Nov 8 07:56:03 GMT 2001

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 03:42:02PM +0100, Ivan Fernandez wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> 	I posted this very same problem a month ago, but no one could
> tell me any workaround. I also posted a level 10 log from the smbd
> daemon in the exact point of break. What I found there was that 1 smb
> packet before reaching 4 Gb. everything was ok, and the next smb packet
> reported a 0 byte and slowly growing corrupted file.
> 	I hope someone will help this time, since using linux as a
> backup storage system is ideal. (What if a FIFO file redirected to bzip2
> is used to receive the backup stream?... but this is another war to
> fight..)

This is now fixed in HEAD and 2.2 CVS trees. Thanks,


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