Problems with folders

James Simons jsimons at
Thu Nov 8 06:37:24 GMT 2001

I did some reading on the samba.conf man page and found the inherrit 
permissions parameter.  Would setting this equal to yes solve the problem?

Thanks again,

James Simons wrote:

> I've got Samba up and running on my network, with relativley few 
> problems, but I'm having a problem with subfolders.  Lets take this 
> snippet from my smb.conf as an exanple and then I'll move on
> [Documents]
>    comment = office documents
>    path = /usr/smb_files/documents
>    public = no
>    writeable = yes
>    write list = @secretaries
>    borwseable = yes
> Let me use this example to show you the problem I'm having.
> A member of secretaries logs in and goes to documents.  She creates a 
> new folder, work1,  for the case she is working on.  She generates 
> several word documents and decides to put them in a seperate folder. 
> When she clicks on the make new folder button Windows says to her 
> access is denied."  I come back to the server, and I check the 
> permissions. Sure enough the "/usr/smb_files/documents" folder has 
> permissions set for r/w/e for the group of @secretaries but the folder 
> she created, work1, did not inherret those settings from its parent.  
> Why?  Am I going to have to keep going behind everybody and set 
> permissions for their folders?  This seems awfully strange.  I'm 
> wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that root is set as 
> the folder owner.  Any ideas?
> thanks a ton,
> James
> ps-I just joined this list a few days and I just wanted to say thanks 
> to all of you out there who have helped me out already.  Newbies 
> become gurus thorugh learning and experience, you guys re helping to 
> turn me into a guru.  Thanks

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