Problems with folders

James Simons jsimons at
Thu Nov 8 06:13:04 GMT 2001

I've got Samba up and running on my network, with relativley few 
problems, but I'm having a problem with subfolders.  Lets take this 
snippet from my smb.conf as an exanple and then I'll move on

    comment = office documents
    path = /usr/smb_files/documents
    public = no
    writeable = yes
    write list = @secretaries
    borwseable = yes

Let me use this example to show you the problem I'm having.
A member of secretaries logs in and goes to documents.  She creates a 
new folder, work1,  for the case she is working on.  She generates 
several word documents and decides to put them in a seperate folder. 
When she clicks on the make new folder button Windows says to her access 
is denied."  I come back to the server, and I check the permissions. 
 Sure enough the "/usr/smb_files/documents" folder has permissions set 
for r/w/e for the group of @secretaries but the folder she created, 
work1, did not inherret those settings from its parent.  Why?  Am I 
going to have to keep going behind everybody and set permissions for 
their folders?  This seems awfully strange.  I'm wondering if it has 
anything to do with the fact that root is set as the folder owner.  Any 

thanks a ton,

ps-I just joined this list a few days and I just wanted to say thanks to 
all of you out there who have helped me out already.  Newbies become 
gurus thorugh learning and experience, you guys re helping to turn me 
into a guru.  Thanks

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