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Noel Koethe noel at
Thu Nov 8 03:33:08 GMT 2001


I build stats of of the last 4 weeks with webalizer
and analog:

Successful requests: 623,486 (125,906)
Average successful requests per day: 19,347 (17,986)
Successful requests for pages: 179,326 (30,151)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 5,564 (4,307)
Failed requests: 5,564 (1,110)
Redirected requests: 5,046 (745)
Distinct files requested: 10,963 (3,682)
Distinct hosts served: 33,331 (7,488)
Data transferred: 45.358 Gbytes (6.516 Gbytes)
Average data transferred per day: 1.407 Gbytes (953.237 Mbytes)

Since I started the search (Oct 15.) engine htdig which is included now in
the samba pages (thanks!) I got 23013 search requests.
The Search Db is rebuild every day (I filtered these requests out of the stats).

Because there is no seach over I started a weekly rebuild
search over the samba-* lists (except samba-cvs) which you can access via at the bottom of the page.

Maybe you find these informations interesting.

Noch einen schönen Tag

	Noèl Köthe

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