Problem with GID being set to UID for Samba 2.2.2

Indulis Bernsteins indulis.b at
Wed Nov 7 18:19:03 GMT 2001

OK the problem was that the smb daemons still had the uid/gid mappings 
cached away somewhere from the first connection attempt.  I went home and 
tried it again (machines rebooted in the meantime) and all was OK (yay!).

I suspect this was due to my using xinetd to start the daemons... I'll 
probably switch back to starting them as daemons 'cos the Redhat 
configuration files have about a gadzillion spots (+-10E6) where samba 
daemons are started this way.  Of course, having compiled the source and 
got samba running now I need to either manually replace all of the SMB 
files scattered across the RH directories, or get an RPM (or learn how to 
put together my own RPM!).

So, bug or not bug, I don't know, but certainly behaviour I didn't expect, 
and I don't think is as good as it can be.  Then again, a normal UNIX 
user's goup list is only read in at the time when that instance of the 
shell is started, so maybe it is not too unreasonable.  If I knew what I 
had to do to get the uid->gid mappings reread it would help.  I may 
experiment a bit and report back here...

Thansk to everyone for the help!

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