printer not appearing in msprint inf files

Chris cblument at
Wed Nov 7 10:25:12 GMT 2001

I am trying to setup a printserver where the drivers automatically get
installed onto win98 from the printserver.  I have successfully done
this with the following printers by following the documentation from the
"using samba" book:

HP DeskJet 520
HP LaserJet 4000
EPSON Stylus COLOR 850
Tektronix Phaser 740 Plus

However I have had a problem with the HP DeskJet 648C and the Canon
ImageRunner 5000.

After installing these printers they do not appear in any of the MSPRINT
INF files and thus I cannot create the printer definition.  Is there a
way around this other than just installing the drivers by hand?  I am
running samba 2.0.6


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