samba 2.2.2 help!

Jason Norred jnorred at
Wed Nov 7 10:05:06 GMT 2001

I have a network with 25 nt 4.0 machines running service pack 6. My
server is running Redhat 7.1 with samba 2.2.2. Whenever I copy any files
larger than a couple of megabytes between client machines and the server
I get a "Cannot copy "filename": The session was canceled" error
message. I have turned oplocks off in each share. I'm also having
problems running quickbooks 2001 and act 4.0 across the network. I do
not have any network problems between client machines. They seem to only
exist with the samba server. Any ideas please???? My client is getting a
little frustrated.
I also seem to be having problems with Quickbooks and ACT databases on
the samba server. I have similar problems with these files as listed
Jason Norred  
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