Samba on Win2K

Barker, Brian W. BRIAN.W.BARKER at
Wed Nov 7 09:26:05 GMT 2001

Success on Win2k --

Someone made the suggestion that I set 'encrypt passwords = yes'
in my smb.conf on my Solaris machine, and then run
smbpasswd -a "username" where "username" is my Solaris-Unix
login name, along with the same password. When I go to my Win2k
machine and try and map a network drive, as that same username
and password, it all works! Magical.

(also stopped and started my smbd and nmbd on the Unix machine)


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> Hello - I have a simple LAN with a Solaris server, one WIN95 machine
> and one WIN2K machine. I want to share a Solaris disk with the 2
> PCs. Samba is running fine on Solaris, I can see the disk from my
> WIN95 machine and can access and modify files on it. My simple
> smb.conf on the Solaris machine is:
> [global]
> workgroup = MYGROUP
> [datah]
> path = /data/h
> writeable = yes
> All Solaris diagnostics look ok. When I go to my WIN2K machine,
> and try and 'map a network drive (\\dobbs\datah) where dobbs is the
> Solaris machine, I get the error message:
> Attempting to connect to ...
> "The account is not authorized to log in from this station"
> On my WIN2K my workgroup is MYGROUP and my login name and
> password are the same as they are on the Solaris machine.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks.
> (PS: my WIN2K can see dobbs, I can 'ping dobbs' and telnet and ftp to it.)
> Brian Barker
> Rosslyn, VA

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