Does Red Hat Samba 2.2.2 RPM support ACLs?

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Wed Nov 7 08:10:07 GMT 2001

Oops, sorry about that additional text from another message; I meant to
delete it.


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Subject: Does Red Hat Samba 2.2.2 RPM support ACLs?

Of course, I understand that ACL support has to be compiled into the kernel
as well, but if I do that, can I turn ACL support on in Red Hat? I am
running 7.1 with my kernel upgraded to 2.4.10; I am thinking of adding ACL


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Subject: Re: delete roaming profiles under win2k and PGP. Not good.

I had a similar problem.  I ended up uninstalling PGP.  However, from
what I could find PGP had installed a service on the 2K computer that
held a keys files locked.  You could try installing it with the users
keys on a network drive.  I haven't tried it though.

OenusTech wrote:

>Hi there!
>After some long hours trying to figure out some nasty behavior related to
>win2k automatically deleting roaming cached profiles, I´d like to share the
>results with you guys for any future reference.
>CONFIG:  Samba 2.2.2 stack release with ACL support
>         linux kernel version 2.4.13-ac4 with ACL
>         many win2ksp2 machines with NTFS
>         PGP 7.0.3 installed on all win machines
>PROBLEM: Roaming profiles won´t be deleted after user logs out. When user
>         logs back in a profile duplicates under folder $user.$domain.???
>         where ? is an integer beetween 0 and 9.
>Ok, first, and following the guidelines in samba-2.2.2/docs/README-
>Win2kSP2, nt acl support = no must be put on smb.conf´s [profiles]
>configuration. Even if Samba acts as PDC it needs to be put in the file.
>That means that all files in our profiles must ignore acls, but unix user
>and group permissions wich are still maintained. :-(
>Second, and source of my last headaches, PGP will lock the folder
>$user\Application Data\PGP after $user logs out. This folder cannot be
>deleted by anybody (not even an Administrator) until reboot applied. Ugly!
>If PGP uninstalled roaming profiles work and can be deleted
>Now, my question for all PGP users here, has anybody been able to use the
>delete roaming profiles behavior with PGP installed in win2k machines?
>Regards, and many thanks to Noel and Todd for helping me.

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