finding win2k PDCs other then by wins or broadcast?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Nov 6 17:30:07 GMT 2001

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> I am having problems to find the password server (for winbind) in the
> other ip subnet by means of lmhosts and DNS. I tried to specify it in
> the smb.conf by giving the WINS-names in the line
> password server = TRI-ST-S001, TRI-ST-S002
> and also wrote those WINS names with the respectiv IPs in the lmhosts.
> THose are also read at winbind startup. But when samba tries to find
> out the PDC using the domainname<0x1c> notation, it does not get any
> response (to its Broadcast) since the servers are in an other subnet.
> DNS does not provide any means of communicating PDCs.
> So the winbindd debug message is
> Could not find any domain controllers for TRITECH.

See lmhosts(5)

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