What's the current status of the LDAP integration?

roland.kaeser at intersoft-networks.ch roland.kaeser at intersoft-networks.ch
Tue Nov 6 16:27:02 GMT 2001


Note long ago, we have writtten an LDAP-administration tool to integrate
several linux-services such as mail-routing, authentification throug pam to
the ldap server, AND AN SAMBA INTEGRATION.  This solution (GPL) is based on
the OpenLDAP-Version 1.2. Newer enquiries shows us that with the
release-change of the openldap has made some changes by the use of the
schemata and its integration in the ldap-logic. Now, we need to redevelop
this web-application to the new standard. As we will do it, it should have
native samba ldap integration from the beginning. Can someone tells me how
complete is the samba-ldap-code? And which objectclasses and attributes
samba needs for full ldap integrated operation?
Is ther somebody who knows something about the ldap-logic in the
activedirectory an its integration in the windows 2000 os specially in the
ADSI interface.
The second part of our projekt  should make our solution able to perform
software distributing based on the ldap-directory with use of an Visual
Basic developed frontend who can access directly to the ldap-server.



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