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Hi Bill,

hope i'm not barging in... :-)

my experience is mainly with win9x clients,
but they should apply to NT based clients too.

pls correct me if i'm wrong.
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> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:


> Alright, if I'm wrong, please straighten me out on this.
> 1. All? versions of Windows are capable of using cleartext and/or
>     encrypted passwords?

MOST versions of windows, including all recent ones,
are capable of using cleartext OR encrypted passwords.

however, by default, encrypted passwords are used.

> 2. What is the purpose of the registry change files that ship
>     with Samba and change encyrption settings?

to enable cleartext passwords in case
the user HAS TO use cleartext.
(eg. backward compatibility)

> I'm getting the impression that I've had my head screwed on backwards
> on this topic from the beginning.  Are you saying that all versions
> of Windows (back to Win95) are capable of either cleartext or
> encrypted passwords, but more recent versions refuse to use cleartext
> unless the registry is changed?  If I've got it right now, please
> let me know so I can stop sounding like a dumbass.

as you say in a previous post, read the docs.

in this case, in the sources, /usr/src/samba/docs/textdocs:
Win95.txt WinNT.txt and Passwords.txt
pretty much explain why there is a need for reg changes,
mainly for use with wfwg, old win95 (pre sr2) and WinNT (pre sp3).

in your case, i think u've to dig in M$ web site for the 
appropriate Win95 patches/updates, to enable encrypted passwords
for the few misbehaving systems on your network.

Win95.txt specifically contains a section on this,
near the end of the document.

alternatively, u can disable encrypted passwords on 
all your other systems as well as samba,
but somehow, i don't think you wanna do that.

hope i helped,
more imptly, hope i'm not spreading misinformation. :)

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