Samba Migration

Bill Moran wmoran at
Tue Nov 6 08:08:07 GMT 2001

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Bill Moran wrote:
>>Then why did I have to downgrade a win95 network to cleartext
>>passwords when half the stations wouldn't auth with encrypted
>>passwords?  And how do I get the older win95 stations to use
>>encrypted passwords?
> You don't have to do anything.  The client will automatically
> use them if the server supports them.  If you are having problems
> with it, send em a level 10 debug log and I'll look at it.

Alright, if I'm wrong, please straighten me out on this.
1. All? versions of Windows are capable of using cleartext and/or
    encrypted passwords?
2. What is the purpose of the registry change files that ship
    with Samba and change encyrption settings?

I'm getting the impression that I've had my head screwed on backwards
on this topic from the beginning.  Are you saying that all versions
of Windows (back to Win95) are capable of either cleartext or
encrypted passwords, but more recent versions refuse to use cleartext
unless the registry is changed?  If I've got it right now, please
let me know so I can stop sounding like a dumbass.

Bill Moran
Potential Technology

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