smdb warp-around after 4 GB

Andreas Karrer karrer at
Tue Nov 6 06:54:05 GMT 2001

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 07:17:06AM -0800, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 03:57:58PM +0100, Andreas Karrer wrote:
> > 
> > Questions :
> >   o Is smbd supposed to be large-file-proof, e.g. capable of handling files
> >     larger than 4 GB?
> >   o Is smbclient supposed to be large-file-proof? (I see a few minor
> >     problems in the source; the variables get_total_size,
> >     put_total_size, nread in client/client.c should be declared
> >     as off_t.
> >   o Am I missing something really obvious, such as a smb.conf file option?
> Only smbd the server is 64 bit clean. This work has not yet been done for smbclient.
> It works with a Win32 client.

No, it does not, at least not under my conditions.

With a w2k client:
 * ntbackup to a 4.2 GB file on a win2000 share works,
 * ntbackup to a 4.2 GB file on a samba share results in a corrupted
      file with the wrap-around near 4 GB,
 * copying (using "copy" in a cmd window) a local 4.2 GB file to a
      drive-letter-mounted share from another win2000 machine works,
 * copying the same file to a samba share shows the wrap-around bug near 4 GB,
 * the corruption occurs on several samba servers which are capable of
      handling large files, namely
       - solaris 8 / ufs
       - Tru64 Unix 5.0A / advfs
       - Linux RH 7.1 / kernel 2.4.2 / ext2fs

So apparently my smbd is not as 64-bit-clean as it should be, but what am
I doing wrong?

I'm using samba 2.2.2, compiled with the straightforward
   env CC=cc configure;make;make installbin
sequence. Has anybody successfully transferred a non-sparse file
bigger than 4 GB from Win2000 to a Samba server?

 - Andi

> 	Jeremy.
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