Migration from Samba-TNG-alpha 2.6.1 to Samba-2.2.x

Daniel Paul dpaul at gmx.net
Tue Nov 6 06:38:02 GMT 2001

> On Sat, 3 Nov 2001, Daniel Paul wrote:
> > Could you please if it is possible to migrate the SID and RIDs into an
> > Samba-2.2.x server? Maybe there is an identical file holding the SID
> > or the algorithm for the RID is the same?
> Should work the same (assuming you are using smbpasswd).
Could you explain shortly, how the SID and the RID's are stored in Samba
2.2? In October mailingslist was a thread related to MACHINE.SID file which said
that Samba is looking for a MACHINE.SID file first and, if it doesn't exist,
it creates a new one, but this behaviour is to be changed soon? Is it the
same until now? (If not, I can maybe only copy the file and the same SID is
used with Samba-2.2 again).
Are the RIDs calculated every time new from the UID or stored somewhere
permanently (maybe in secrets.tdb)? BTW: The algorithm for calculating the RID
from UID in TNG is the following: RID := 1000 + 4 * UID
I will first try migrating a small system (only one client, 2 example users)
to see what problems are lurking there. If everything goes o.k. I will write
a small how-to about migrating (I think this would be good for you Samba-2.2
people also, if there is somebody else outside there who wants to migrate
from TNG to 2.2)

> cheers, jerry
same, daniel

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