delete roaming profiles under win2k and PGP. Not good.

OenusTech oenustech at
Tue Nov 6 02:41:15 GMT 2001

Hi there!

After some long hours trying to figure out some nasty behavior related to
win2k automatically deleting roaming cached profiles, I´d like to share the
results with you guys for any future reference.

CONFIG:  Samba 2.2.2 stack release with ACL support
         linux kernel version 2.4.13-ac4 with ACL
         many win2ksp2 machines with NTFS
         PGP 7.0.3 installed on all win machines

PROBLEM: Roaming profiles won´t be deleted after user logs out. When user
         logs back in a profile duplicates under folder $user.$domain.???
         where ? is an integer beetween 0 and 9.

Ok, first, and following the guidelines in samba-2.2.2/docs/README-
Win2kSP2, nt acl support = no must be put on smb.conf´s [profiles]
configuration. Even if Samba acts as PDC it needs to be put in the file.
That means that all files in our profiles must ignore acls, but unix user
and group permissions wich are still maintained. :-(

Second, and source of my last headaches, PGP will lock the folder
$user\Application Data\PGP after $user logs out. This folder cannot be
deleted by anybody (not even an Administrator) until reboot applied. Ugly!

If PGP uninstalled roaming profiles work and can be deleted

Now, my question for all PGP users here, has anybody been able to use the
delete roaming profiles behavior with PGP installed in win2k machines?

Regards, and many thanks to Noel and Todd for helping me.


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