smb and win98

Hans Scheffers hansscheffers at
Tue Nov 6 02:32:02 GMT 2001

Hoi all,

I have a samba server on; my win-clients are on and can connect to the samba server (They all use a
number of shares, so the server partly acts as a fileserver).

Is it possible to make the samba server visible in the
network-neighbourhood of win 98? is the netbios-protocol needed for
I can see the win-clients on the same subnet in the
networkneighbourhood, and they only have TCP/IP networking installed.

The clients connect through a firewall, that allows connection from
the DMZ (192.168.1.x) to the internal clients (192.168.0.x) by opening
pot 137, 138, 139 TCP and UDP. Are these all needed or can I close
some of these ports?




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