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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Nov 5 21:38:28 GMT 2001

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Bill Moran wrote:

> You may be dealing with a problem of encrypted passwords ...
> Older version of Win95 used cleartext passwords, while newer
> versions use encrypted passwords.  The two auth techniques are
> not compatable.

Nope.  This is incorrect.  **all** MS operating systems will
use ntlm (password encryption) if the server supports.
Older client would downgrade to clear text, but would
gladly use ntlm if the server supported it.

> man page claims that the default is encryption on, but that may
> no longer be the default for newer versions of Samba.

Huh?   What man page are you reading?  This is a confusing statement
to me.  "encrypt passwords" defaults to "no"

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