having trouble with samba 2.x

Blair, Nevada NBlair at ENGLISHSPORTS.COM
Mon Nov 5 19:57:02 GMT 2001

Hello good people at samba.org

I'm having some problems with samba, here is the situation.

I edited my smb.conf file and test it with "testparm" I then 
do a smbclient -L #UNIX SERVER# and I get a 

session request to #UNIX SERVER# failed
session request to #SAMBA SERVER# failed

Can you tell me where I go from here?

This problem accrued after we switched from a UNIX firewall to

I have been through the DIAGNOSING YOUR SAMBA SERVER on the samba.org
web site and stuck at TEST#3 

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance and good day
Nevada Blair

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