prevent infinite loop with recurse option enabled?

Justin Yackoski justin at
Mon Nov 5 14:49:11 GMT 2001

I am creating a web-based gui to provide searching of files shared via 
SMB on a local network.  It goes through and finds each computer, its 
shares, and its files using smbclient.  Currently, a nasty (and 
incredibly slow) set of loops in php recurses the directories on each 
share using a smbclient call for each directory up to a set depth.

I know for a fact of several computers on my LAN with links/shortcuts 
that would lead to infinite recursion if no depth limit or other 
measure was used to prevent this.  I've tried smbclient's recurse 
option, which is of course *much* faster, but it unfortunately follows 
the links for as long as I've allowed it to run.

Is there any current way to set a depth limit, or even better, just 
simply prevent visiting a directory twice (I've heard that wget hashes 
the directory contents and then compares them upon each new directory 
to prevent recursion at all...) ??  Any help would be *greatly* 
appreciated.  I am not opposed to coding something into smbclient 
myself, I actually prefer doing that instead of doing it outside of 
smbclient.  If nothing is currently available, pointers/suggestions 
would be great & I will try to put something together for all to 


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