Samba Migration

Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Nov 5 14:37:04 GMT 2001

You may be dealing with a problem of encrypted passwords ...
Older version of Win95 used cleartext passwords, while newer
versions use encrypted passwords.  The two auth techniques are
not compatable.
Find a time when you can do some tests and change the server
config to use cleartext passwords and see if the problem stations
can now log in.  If so, you'll need to pick one method (encrypt/
cleartext) and configure all workstation to be the same.  The
man page claims that the default is encryption on, but that may
no longer be the default for newer versions of Samba.
[your problem may be something different, since you claim that
everything was working before, be sure to test before doing any
wholesale changes]
Read ENCRYPTION.txt that comes with the samba distribution,
as well as the smb.conf man page (the section on "encrypt passwords=")

Erich Kolb wrote:

>Well, I have successfully migrated about 75 Windows 95/98 machines over to
>using Samba as a PDC, it works better than I expected.  Much faster than NT
>or OS2.  However I have a few questions?  There are a couple of machines
>that will not use the Samba box to authenticate.  I know that the network
>config on these machines is correct as they were working before, and the net
>properties have been set the same as all the other ones that actually work.
>These machines are all on extremely old versions of MS Win 95.  I think it
>has something to do with the MS Networking Client for Windows 95, does
>anyone know where I can find an updated version that is compatible with
>Samba (2.2.idontknow).  Or if there is any other possible workaround.  These
>machines are schedules to be upgraded to w98, but I need something quick in
>the mean time.
Bill Moran
Potential Technology

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