Public Samba Server <--> Private Clients?

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at
Mon Nov 5 13:16:10 GMT 2001


           (subnet   Router   (subnet
                             /      \
                            /        \
           Public WWW server          Firewall Server
                                       MASQ Clients

    Can I have Samba running on the Public WWW server, and show up as a
server for those MASQ clients?  If so, can it be setup so that ONLY
those coming from that MASQ section be allowed to contact it (Samba)?

    The reason for this convoluted setup is because I want the Public
WWW server to stay where it is, serving the world, however I want files
on it to be accessible/modifyable to those sitting on the MASQ network
through Network Neighborhood (or whatever is equivalent) and Samba is
the only thing that comes to mind, but I'm not sure Samba can even work
this way.

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