NFS issues (was Re: 32/64bit locking problem with 2.2.2)

Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Nov 5 11:12:10 GMT 2001

I have had a problem that may be related, and I'm also not yet sure if 
it's a Samba
or NFS problem.  Example:
On server SMBSERVER I have /data shared as a samba share.
/data/local and all it's subdirectories are local to this server.
/data/remote is mounted to a remote machine via NFS and there
is a whole tree of "stuff" on that remote server.
Obviously, the Windows user sees a share called "data", with "local"
and "remote" subdirectories and has no real knowledge of where the
data is actually located (nor should he need to)
However, a Windows _move_ operation from /data/local to /data/remote
(or anywhere in the subtree) fails with a permission error.  Copying
the file and then deleting the original works fine. Moving the file from
any other share or drive to/from anywhere on the /data share works fine
as well.  Since there is such an easy workaround, this has been a low 
In other words, I can't yet say whether it's Samba or NFS causing the
problem.  The problem appeared after I upgraded FreeBSD from 4.3
to 4.4 and Samba from 2.0.7 to 2.2.x over the weekend.
I'm hoping to take some time to track this down this week, but I just
thought I'd throw it out to see if anyone knew where the problem was.

Juergen Bock wrote:

>Hi there, 
>I have a quite ugly problem with a Samba server. The server is 
>running Linux 2.4.13 and Samba 2.2.2. The NFS-client is running 
>Linux 2.4.5. The windows homedirs are on \\server\username, the 
>UNIX homedirs are NFS mounted by the server.
>So, whenever I access \\server\username this actually NFS-mounts 
>/nfs/client/home/username. I now have one client machine that 
>causes the following error:
>[2001/11/05 19:17:56, 0] locking/posix.c:posix_fcntl_lock(669)
>  posix_fcntl_lock: WARNING: lock request at offset 2147483538, length 1 returned
>[2001/11/05 19:17:56, 0] locking/posix.c:posix_fcntl_lock(670)
>  an No locks available error. This can happen when using 64 bit lock offsets
>[2001/11/05 19:17:56, 0] locking/posix.c:posix_fcntl_lock(671)
>  on 32 bit NFS mounted file systems.
>[2001/11/05 19:17:56, 1] smbd/service.c:close_cnum(650)
>When I access the user's homedirectory through the samba server, 
>the whole windows box hangs and gives stupid error messages. I 
>don't use oplocks.
>Has anybody seen this problem? Is this Samba related or do you 
>suspect an NFS problem? I think I have not seen this problem 
>when the server ran kernel 2.4.3 and Samba 2.2.1a. 
>If you need any additional info please let me know.
>Juergen Bock			jrb at
>FLUENT Deutschland GmbH 	Hindenburgstrasse 36
>D-64295 Darmstadt		+49-(0)6151-3644-0

Bill Moran
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